Demo Day

Custom Prep Work Prior to Demolition

Beyond preparing a temporary kitchen arrangement, you should also make plans for cleanup before the kitchen remodel begins. Empty all drawers and cabinets and store boxes in another area of the house until the project is complete.

Get Ready, It's Demolition Day

The paperwork has been diligently browsed and approved, the design is finalized and the crew you've hired to help is ready to start tearing down the kitchen. Some homeowners may choose the leave their house once the kitchen demolition starts, but others will opt to remain in the home.

If you choose to stay, there are some things you need to plan ahead for:

  • Make sure appliance delivery dates have been confirmed
  • Make sure all plumbing fixtures and hardware color choices are available. 
  • Set up a temporary kitchen in another room of the house. 
  • Make sure you have space for preparing small meals. 
  • Bring only the essential appliances you need for cooking (i.e. no waffle irons)
  • Use a mini-fridge to store your perishables
  • Stock your pantry with paper plates, plastic silverware, and cups. 
  • Keep non-perishables  such as peanut butter. 

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